I am a church member by Thom Rainer – review

I am a church member is a new short book by Thom Rainer. The core idea of the book is he examines what it really means to be a member of your local church. Many people today take the view that church is like a gym club that is there to serve them and all they need to do is pay the membership fees. But biblically, Thom states, membership is much more active.
Thom explores several key areas that we as church members need to work on – being unifying church members looking to overcome preference differences; being praying members, committed to praying for our church leaders; being family leaders, raising our family to continue as faithful church members; being functioning members, contributing our gifts and abilities to serve the church in whatever way we can; and treasuring church membership as a gift – something we get to do rather than something we have to do.
This is a short, very easy read. Each chapter ends with a pledge to sign up to that contains practical ways to live out the lessons from the chapter. If a group of people from your church read this book and all signed up to the pledges I imagine your church would start to look quite different. I am a church member offers a biblical picture of how the church should function, and I for one want to be a part of the kind of vision for church that Thom Rainer lays out. A highly recommended book that won’t take long to get through, but if you buy in to what he is teaching, will have an impact that lasts for generations.
Disclaimer – I was sent a free copy in order to review the book. I was under no obligation to post a positive review, and chose to receive the review copy as I was interested in the book.

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