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deyoungToday on All4God we are excited to have Kevin DeYoung answering some questions for us. Kevin DeYoung is a pastor in the Reformed Church in America and a member of The Gospel Coalition. He has written several great books, including Just Do Something, The Hole in our Holiness, and Don’t call it a comeback. He has recently released a new book called Crazy Busy, and he took the time to answer some questions about busy-ness, finding your life purpose, dating and ice-cream: 
You have a large fan base among young Christians – what do you think it is about your writing and teaching that particularly appeals to today’s young Christians?
Mark Dever says I’m an honorary old person, so I don’t really know why young Christians follow my writing and teaching. If they do, I’d like to think it’s because I’m trying to be a winsome spokesman for the truth, and that young Christians are fans of the truth.
 Your new book is called Crazy Busy – people today have all sorts of things to keep them distracted, from Facebook to Netflicks, work pressures to church committees – how can people cut back the busyness of life and focus on what really matters?
For starters, we need to know why we are so busy and why we feel the way we do. I’ve tried to write a book that is not so much “how-to” as “how-come.” The place to start in tackling busyness is to understand the spiritual dynamics behind it. On a more practical level, we need to work hard to rest, establish rhythms in life, set “posteriorities” as well as priorities, and take longer breaks from the screen.
In your book Just do something you urge people to not just sit back and wait for God to reveal their full life plan to them – what specific advice would you give young people considering what career path or college course to pursue?
Don’t overspiritualize the decision. I know making these choices can be extremely difficult. Oftentimes, we have no clear indication which opportunity or path is best. Seek counsel from others, ask the Lord to show us our sin, and then make a decision, stick with it, and work hard to the glory of God.
In The Hole in our Holiness you addressed how often we don’t take seriously the need to live holy lives that reflect the fact that we are a new creation – what specific challenges to living out holiness would you warn young people to look out for?
I think young Christians are especially lax when it comes to viewing sexual immorality and sensuality. We are deathly afraid of being though uncool or prudish. And we’ve grown so accustomed to sexual innuendo, partial nudity (and worse), that we think nothing of viewing the sort of images that most Christians in the history of the church would find pornographic. Paul wouldn’t dare to mention the things the pagans do in secret. We pay money to see them.
In several of your books you touch on the issue of relationships – what advice would you give to young singles who want to marry someday and want to glorify good in their current singleness and future marriage?
I sympathize with singles who want to be married and with singles who constantly hear they should be married. My advice is 1) Live life to the fullest right now. Don’t think of yourself as “pre-married.” There is nothing wrong with being single. It can afford many blessings. 2) Guys, take a risk and ask a girl out. Be a man. Stop “hanging out” and pursue a good Christian girl. 3) For all singles, don’t be as concerned with the 17 things you want to find in a spouse as with the 17 things God wants from you as a spouse. If you find someone who is spiritually mature, committed to the local church, and your friends and family aren’t freaked out—why not see where things go. 4) Stay pure. You’ll never regret what you don’t do before your married.
What does living All4God mean for you?
A long obedience in the same direction–believing in the cross of Christ, relying on the Spirit’s power, and living by the word of God to the glory of God the Father.
Quickfire Questions
·         Favourite book/film/band? Calvin’s Institutes. Chariots of Fire. Hmm, not sure.
·         Twitter or Facebook? I’m on both and not sure how useful either one is.
·         ChristianMingle – good or bad? FlirtToConvert – yes or no? ChristianMingle the website? God can use it. Flirt to Convert as a dating strategy? Bad idea.
·         You verses Mark Driscoll in a wrestling ring – who would win? I would not get into a wrestling ring with Mark Driscoll.
·         Favourite ice-cream flavour? Cotton Candy or Bubble Gum. Seriously.
You can get Crazy Busy at your favourite Christian bookstore or if you’d rather pay less for it, Amazon, now.

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