Forever (Dec 3)

“But you, O Lord, reign forever; your throne endures to all generations” Lamentations 5:19
The God we adore is the God who reigns forever. His throne endures throughout all generations. That is a great source of hope for us. Our God will reign forever. He endures. His Kingdom continues throughout eternity. We can have faith when our trust is in God that our hope has been placed in the everlasting always enduring God, who demonstrated His great love for mankind when He sent Jesus His son to die in our place.
There are many uncertainties in life. There are many situations and circumstances when we won’t know what is going to happen or how things will pan out. It can be stressful and challenging. But when we adore Jesus we sit at the feet of the everlasting Lord, the King who reigns forever and is sovereign over all.
Nothing can defeat His Kingdom. Nothing will thwart His plans. In the midst of the waves and storms of life Jesus is our solid rock, our firm foundation we can stand on and not be shaken by the storms.
Adoring Jesus doesn’t mean we will go through life with no storms or disasters. Storms will come. Loved ones will get sick. Things will be difficult at work. There will be challenges. But our hope is in the Lord who reigns forever and we can take hope that He will protect us and help us endure the storms we face as we wait for His return. Today in whatever storm you find yourself in as we head towards Christmas take time to adore Jesus, the Lord whose throne endures and cannot be defeated

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