Come (Dec 4)

“Oh come let us adore him, Christ the Lord” go the words of the familiar carol. To adore Jesus we need to come. Adoration is an active thing. Adoration is an intentional thing. We have to be intentional about adoring Jesus. We when aren’t intentional it can be easy to drift. To lose our focus. To get caught up in smaller lesser things. We need to be active in coming to adore Jesus, the only one worthy of our adoration and praise.
We need be be like the shepherds who came to the stable to see the wonderful saviour born as a baby. We need to be like the wise men coming to bring worship to the King, bringing the best we have to offer Him. We need to be like the crowds of sick and desperate who came to Jesus for healing. We need to be like the women who came to Jesus in the darkest hour, when all the disciples had fled as He hung on the cross – through thick and thin, through good times and sad times, with joy and with tears, we need to come to Jesus for He only can rescue and He alone can save us. He is the way, the truth and the life and we need to come to Him.
This advent season be intentional. Seek Jesus. Come to Him. Rest in His presence. Take time out from Christmas busyness and come to Jesus. Come weary and heavy burdened and receive the rest He promises us. Come and adore the everlasting Lord whose arms of love are open wide to us.

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