Christ the Lord (Dec 5)

Advent is about awaiting the coming of Jesus, the Lord of heaven and earth. That is who we come to adore. When we think of the Christmas story we think of Jesus as a baby but he is not just a baby. He is Christ the Lord. He is Emmanuel, God with us. That is who we come to adore. We are not coming to adore a baby, for babies, though cute, will not ultimately save us or rescue us from the judgement for our sin. We come to adore Christ the Lord, maker of heaven and earth, the one who placed stars in the sky, the Word through whom everything was created, the One who took the nails on the cross for our sin, the One who took the punishment we deserve and paid it in full. We come to adore the one who makes the scarlet stains of our sinful lives white as snow as He cleanses us through His blood poured out for us. We need to remember that and have that big picture vision of Christ the Lord who we are called to adore. Christmas is not just about the birth of a baby, it is about the birth of our Saviour. It is about the birth of the only One who could break the power of sin and shame. That is the Lord we come to adore. He is holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty. Come with reverence and awe and adore Him this Christmas with thankfulness for all He has done for us!

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