Come and worship (Dec 16)

We are getting closer and closer to Christmas. By now you probably have decorations up, cards written and some of your shopping done. Everything is underway. But today we need to take time and remember that the only truly fitting response to the birth of Jesus, the long awaited righteous branch, our liberator and the mighty chain breaking King is not to buy more stuff or eat more food or go to more parties but to worship.
Look at the first Christmas night. Angels announced his birth with songs of worship. The shepherds who heard dropped everything to go and find him and worship him by. Wise men travelled from the east to bring gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh in an act of prophetic worship. Worship is the only appropriate response to the arrival of our King.
Everyone is worshipping something. Especially at Christmas so many people worship at the altar of materialism, spending like crazy to get the perfect presents, rushing round the shops stockpiling food and putting the bill on a credit card to be worried about in the new year. But we are called to come and worship Christ the new-born King.
May we be known for how we worship Jesus this Christmas. May we reject the narrative of society that says worship the lights, presents and food and instead may we worship Jesus, the only One who is worthy. The only One who can satisfy. The only One who came to die that we might live. Come and worship Jesus this Christmas. Keep your eyes fixed firmly on Him and nothing else. Give Him all the glory, for He alone is worthy!

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