Devotions to help you live out your faith


Restart your prayer

Pray without ceasing” 1 Thessalonians 5:17

Prayer is essential for our relationship with God. It is how we converse with Him. He is our good and perfect Father. Far greater than any earthly father, He is holy and loving. He never lets us down or gives up on us. We should be passionate about getting to spend time talking with Him. We do not have to pray, we get to pray!

Take a moment to think about how mind-blowing it is that the creator of the universe, the maker of all that exists, the King of kings and Lord of lords wants to hear from us. God wants to hear us. He doesn’t consider it burdensome or weary when we pray. He doesn’t put a character limit or time limit on our prayers. He wants us to pray without ceasing. He always has time for us. He always listens when we pray. And He doesn’t just listen, He answers too.

Often prayer can become a last resort, the emergency spare wheel we keep in the boot for when we get a puncture. Prayer is what we turn to when things go wrong, when we are stuck and in desperate need of help. God does want us to pray in those circumstances when life has thrown us a curveball, when we are afraid or hurting, but He doesn’t just want us to pray in those moments of desperation. He desires that we would pray without ceasing, in every circumstance. Prayer isn’t just about us coming to God with a wish-list – it is about us bringing every aspect of our life to Him, giving Him glory and adoration, thanking Him for the good gifts He has blessed us with, seeking His forgiveness for when we mess up and taking time to listen as well as just making our requests.

This season is a great opportunity to start the year growing in your relationship with Jesus. It is a chance to develop a habit of regular daily prayer that you can carry through into the rest of the year. We are called to pray without ceasing, not just during a few weeks of prayer and fasting, but throughout our whole journey of life. If we get serious about prayer it could change everything. If we humble ourselves, turn from sinful ways, pray and seek God’s face then He promises He will hear and bring healing to our land (see 2nd Chronicles 7:14). So use this season as a chance to develop that pattern of praying without ceasing, coming to God not just when you have tried everything else, not just when all has gone wrong, but coming to Him in prayer in all situations, making prayer not your spare tyre but your steering wheel.

Prayer focus

Try to develop that habit of praying without ceasing, not just praying when you are in desperate need of something from God. Thank God for what He is doing through your church.