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Bluetree – Greater Things Review

Ok, so I’ve been listening to the bluetree CD a lot of late. Its just been remastered and released but Ive had it since the original launch last September. I didn’t manage to make it to their launch night but any time I’ve heard these guys live they’re been fantastic so I was anticipating great things on the album and well it didn’t disappoint. The first track Life’s noise is maybe a little slow to get the going as it has rather a long intro but its still a good wee track All songs bar When I survey are the bands own material and even that song they’ve done their own thing and added a lot to it making it vivid and a useful medium of worship in the 21st century. Their main title track, track 5 is God of this city, this is my favourite track of the disc and its really worth a listening to, live its unbelievable, and even on the Cd they’ve managed to catch some of it and challenge you through the lyrics. All the tracks are upbeat, catchy and lively, there’s a bit of techno to the album as can be expected with bluetree and there’s great lyrics. This debut album was what we were all expecting from the up and coming Belfast band. Ive heard some of their new material since the album release so we can be sure of a second album in the foresee able future.
Rating 9.5/10

2 thoughts on “Bluetree – Greater Things Review

  • It is a really great worship album in my opinion. Looking forward to seeing them at Summer Madness

  • I love this CD. But bad review. I feel it does not properly convey the essence of the album, which has many levels unexplored in the review. Please revise the review and repost a better version.

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