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Taylor Swift – Fearless

It’s been a while since we last had a review, but they are back, and we’re restarting CD reviews with a singer who has all of a soon become a big hit here in the UK with her single Love Story but has been huge
in the US for a few years now. It’s Taylor Swift, whose second album, Fearless, has just had it’s UK release.
Taylor is a country singer/songwriter, who also happens to be increabily young – her first album came out when she was 16, and she is now only 19. Her songs cover mainly issues like relationships and the general school girl pressures people face these days. If you listen to Radio 1 or any local commerical pop station you will almost certainly be familiar with Love Story, and it’s parallels between her own romantic experiences and that of Romeo and Juliet. It is just one of many stand out tracks on this album.
Personal favourites are Fifteen, which is about first romances, You belong with me, about the pain of falling for someone who is going out with someone else, and also Our song and Teardrops on my guitar, both of which originally were on her debut album, but have been included again here (at least on iTunes) to give them more exposure. Teardrops on my Guitar has strong parallels with You belong with me, both songs exploring similar territory.
Taylor is a Christian, and God gets mentioned on the songs The best day and Our Song. Both mentions are subtle enough not to put off non-Christians, and provide potential platforms for discussion with friends, which is an added bonus.
This is an album full of class songs that most people (especially but not exclusively) females will be able to relate to, and have someone in mind as they sing along. The lyrics are totally clean and there is nothing on this album you would want to skip if your minister came along while you were listening to it. They are also a lot more sophisticated than most of the drivel that gets classed as ‘pop music’.
Musically it is a little different to my normal style, but it has wide mainstream appeal, and many of the songs will stick in your mind after listening to them, the mark of a good album. The only negative is it gets a little repetitive with the narrow range of themes explored.
Overall Fearless gets a 8.6 out of 10 on All4God.
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