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ForChristSake Interview

We like introducing you to new bands here at All4God, and today we introduce fresh new Christian metal band ForChristSake, who come from mighty Northern Ireland (we seem to be having a great run of exciting new Christian bands in NI atm which is great!). Christian metal may not yet be your thing, but have a read of the interview, and watch out for the All4God podcast coming later this month which will feature one of ForChristSake’s songs in it for you to get a feel for how they sound.logo
Q. Who is in the band?
A. Ignatios(drummer),Seraphim(guitar),Mark(bass)and our two newest members Simon(lead guitar)and Guy(lead vocals and keyboards).
Q.When and why did you form?
A.This band was formed when the drummer, Ignatios, left Still Small Voice in 2001.F.C.S was formed in the same year. Permanent band members were not found though until 2008.Ignatios was looking about for like-minded people with the same goal and vision.
Q.How would you describe the sound/style of the band?
A.First off we would call ourselves a metal band, then we came up with our own genre of Ortho-Metal as the lyrics reflect the faith in Orthodox Christianity.
Q.Why do you think there aren’t a lot of Christian mainstream metal bands?
A.Christian bands, in general, give a message of truth that people in the secular world just don’t want to hear. We are aware, though, of quite a few [metal bands] in the mainstream such as:Believer, The Devil Wears Prada, Underoath, As I Lay Dying etc. Christian bands are holding their own now, they are becoming ever stronger because they sound more professional than some of their counterparts.
Q.Why did you decide to form a Christian metal band?
A.Two things we are passionate about is our faith in Christ and music. So,why not put the two together and if it encourages people along the way then that’s a bonus.
Q.What sort of response have you been getting from the public?
A.We’re still trying to get our name out there using media ie facebook, and myspace ( Any feedback we’ve had has been positive so far.
Q.The lyrics of your songs are very openly Christian, why do you feel it important to be open about your faith?
A.What is the point of hiding the light of Christ under a bushel? We’re meant to seek ye first the Kingdom. What is in our hearts comes out in our lyrics. Why should we compromise what we believe in? No other religion would do it, so why, if we serve the One True God, should we?
Q.What is your hope for the future of the band?
A.Firstly, that we remain in unity in our faith. Secondly, we write more thought- provoking songs together. Thirdly, to get our newly recorded E.P.(titled Death Is But A Breath Away) released once the artwork is completed. Lastly, that ForChristSake will walk forward into a new chapter of what lies ahead.
Q.How can people hear your music or see you live?
A.Well,if you go on you can hear samples from our E.P. Any gigs have been put on hold because we just got a new singer but we hope to be out there as soon as the band is a tight unit. We’ll be letting you know on our myspace so keep checking it!!!If anyone wishes to contact us our e-mail is

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