Interview: The Royal Knockout

The Royal Knockout are a new Christian rock band from America who are about to release their debut EP. I like the sound of their music and they took some time to answer a few questions exclusively for All4God – remember you heard about them here first!
Who are The Royal Knockout?
The Royal Knockout is a Christian Rock band out of Bowling Green, KY, USA, made up of Corey Pruitt, Lance Freeman, and Derek Ellis.
Where did the name come from?
Lead singer Corey Pruitt came up with the name after a night of watching UFC fights, as a reflection of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  At the cross, Satan had achieved his greatest victory, but was “royally knocked out” by Jesus, the Son of God who rose from the grave and defeated death.What can people expect from you musically?
Our music is a direct reflection of our hearts.  We try our best to produce songs that accurately portray our stories: how Christ is changing us each day to live for His glory.  You’ll find this message wrapped up in a pop-rock genre that sometimes feeds off of high energy and driving tempos, while other times softly speaks humble messages in relaxed ballads.
Your first EP is out in October – what themes are covered on it?
The song “I Will Go” opens the album as an encouragement to other Christians to obey the commands of Jesus in Acts 1:8 to “be (His) witnesses” to the nations.
“Safe and Sound” is another response to the words of Christ, in John 10, when He refers to Himself as “the good shepherd.”  This song speaks the message of how Christ protects those who have faith in Him from destruction, and how even in the worst of trials we are still held in the arms of our Lord.
Why should people listen to your music as opposed to other bands?
Our music is intended to lead people to be better disciples of Jesus Christ, in order to bring Him more glory.  Music is just a way for us to connect people to God, and not a mere hobby.  We pray intently that people listen to our songs and are pointed to the everlasting God.
Who has inspired you as a band?
We drew a lot of musical inspiration for this EP from bands like The Almost, Anberlin, After the Well, Switchfoot, and Relient K.
What is the one most important message you want people to take away from your music?
A reoccurring theme is this EP is that “we are not alone” and everyone who listens to our music can relate to that whether they believe it or not.  We hope to lead people to the one true God who gives us grace, even when we need it the most.
What does living All4God mean to you (individually/ as a band)?
Living All4God to me (Corey) means doing what often makes us uncomfortable in order to shake the complacency of everyday life, in order to fully reach our potential to serve God.  While God certainly doesn’t need us to accomplish His kingdom work, God loves us and gracefully calls us to take part in what He is doing in this world.  Living All4God means we stop living our lives for ourselves, but we give our lives away to others.
As a band, living All4God means we use every bit of talent that God has blessed us with to the service of others in obedience of Jesus’s commands to tell the whole world about what He has done and is doing.
What does the next year have in store for The Royal Knockout?
At this point we aim to write more songs for our first full length album for next year, along with a possible summer tour.
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The EP is out on October 16th
Royal Knockout

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