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Me in Motion CD

Me in Motion is the debut album from new American (Ohio) band Me in Motion (don’t you just love imaginative album names…). You quite possibly won’t have heard of them yet, but having listened to their album (released this week) I would say it is a fair bet that if you are into the Contemporary Christian Music scene it won’t be long before you do.
The album starts off with their first single, Losers, which is a rocking track about how Jesus loves the losers like you and me. It is a song that I imagine many of us can relate to, and puts a slant on things that you don’t often hear in Christian music – that following Jesus isn’t cool, and it doesn’t make everything perfect.
Me in Motion is a slightly unusual album in that it is made up of a mix of straight out worship songs, and other, more lively, ‘general’ songs that still have a strong Christian lyrical focus, but are more contemporary than praise. Amongst the worshipful tracks Seek Justice, Love Mercy stands out to me as the highlight, however I found that the contemporary songs were stronger. Indeed, if the lyrics weren’t so overtly Christian it wouldn’t be inconceivable that they would be popular with the wider public. Musically they have a sound somewhat similar to secular artists like Green Day. The Killers and Oasis- they have an indie/Brit-rock style.
Seek Justice, Love mercy is all about how it is up to do something about the injustices we see in the world around us, how we are the people God wants to use to make a difference. It is a powerful cry to live selfishly, however it is a message that has been hammered home a lot in recent years (including by All4God) and so the song does lose something from not having anything fresh to say. This is easily outweighed by the freshness of the rest of the album however. The God I know is a great song about not letting fear hold you back, going all out for God. It would make a great anthem for us as we strive to live for God. Another good song is Here in the Middle which challenges the notion among many Christians that life is just a delay to us getting to heaven, suggesting that rather it is a chance to live for Jesus, giving Him everything.
Overall this is a satisfying album, lyrically it has some stuff that is a bit different from your usual worship album, musically it has a great light rock sound to it, my only minor complaint is that the arrangement of worship and regular songs whereby the two are mixed up throughout the album maybe causes it to be a bit disjointed. Other than that, very good, well worth checking out (it is out now on your favourite legal download sites, Spotify, and in Christian bookshops shops in the USA) and it will be interesting to hear how they develop as a band over the next few years. For more info and to hear some of the songs, check out their myspace or stream the full album on Spotify if you have access to it.
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Rating: 8.3/10

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