It's like Christmas came early for me

This isn’t a regular devotion. (Or indeed any kind of devotion) This is a quick update on what I (Pete) will be doing these next few months, and a quick request for prayer.
The wombats fans may have guess from the title that I am moving to New York (depending on when you read this I could be in the air right now) for the summer to once more work at Beaver Cross Camp. BC is a Christian camp, I’m going to be working with young people of all different school ages, sharing some Bible stuff with them, and enjoying crazy fun activities too. I’m also going to be heading to the Albany Episcipalian Convention this weekend to help at the youth rally, and speaking at  St James Church somewhere in America on Sunday about Pentecost.
So the odd prayer for camp, for the campers, for my fellow staff (some of whom are awesome friends from the last couple of years, some who I don’t yet know), for myself even would be greatly appreciated.
And if you are of summer camp going age I think they still have space for you – check out their site! (Sadly I’m not on any commission, but mention me when you register in case they decide to give me something…)
While I’m away I’ll be trying to write some fresh stuff for All4God as and when I get a chance, so apologies if things are a bit slow over the next few weeks (but feel free to write stuff yourself and get in touch about guest posting!)
Take care, and thanks for your prayers, Pete

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