This one time, at Bible camp – BOOK LAUNCH!

Ready for some exciting news? The most eagerly anticipated threquel since Third John is here. All4God’s Peter McMurray reaches territory that Samuel, the Kings and the Chroniclers could only dream of, and presents for your enjoyment and edification his third devotional book, This one time, at Bible camp – available now on Amazon in paperback for £6/$9 or Kindle for £3.60/$5.76 (NB Kindle app is available for all Android/iPhone/iPad/Blackberry/Nook devices as well as PC/Mac.
Pete’s third book is all about the move from basic faith to spiritual maturity, and how we can live out mature faith. Drawing on many anecdotes from his time working as a Bible camp counselor, and filled with his unique sense of humour, this is a book all about living out your walk with God. It is a look at how we can move beyond baby food faith onto the feast of solid food God has in store for us. Full of devotions to make you think, anecdotes to make you laugh and wisdom to help you grow in faith.
If you ever wanted to read a serious spiritual book that included the story of why the author got mistaken for a vampire, or deep wisdom like the line “Both hand dryers are hand dryers” then this is the book for you. The book is full of life application about what it looks like to try and strive towards spiritual maturity, with topics such as affirming others, going against the tide, trusting God, God’s plans being better than ours, relationships and running. If you like endnotes to keep you flicking to the back of the book mind way through a page, there are even some of those. And if you have ever got to the end of a Christian teaching book and been frustrated at the lack of chat-up lines contained within it allow This one time, at Bible camp to make up for that – more Christian chat-up lines in one Appendix than you’ll find in all the books of John Piper, CS Lewis and Max Lucado, combined!
Peter McMurray is a 22 year old medical student from Northern Ireland. Pete started writing devotions back in 2006 and has been sharing them on All4God since 2007. As well as studying medicine Pete spends his summers working as a counselor at Beaver Cross Camp in New York, sharing the gospel with young people and getting inspiration for new devotional posts.
What people have said about Pete:
“A religious nitpicker” – Pastor Mark Driscoll, Mars Hill Church
“Like Billy Graham” – Westboro Baptist Church supporter
“Pete has abs” – Dylan, Beaver Cross Camper
“Easily pleased” Chris Moyles (BBC Radio 1 DJ)
“Like Mark Driscoll but nicer” TheChurchSofa (
“Looks better with his glasses and shirt off” – Noa Galiley
“A great blogger” Jon Acuff – StuffChristiansLike, author of bestselling book Quitter
“Looks like quite an athletic guy” ClubPulse Gym receptionist
“People want to be ripped like Pete” Kaylee-Ann Croft, Beaver Cross Camper
“Too sexy to clean cabins” Father Tyler Slade – Youth co-ordinator of Albany Episcopalian Dioceses
Buy This One Time, At Bible Camp on Amazon today (or tomorrow, or the day after, it is up to you…). It will make the perfect Christmas present for everyone on your Christmas shopping list, so that’ll save you some time fighting the crowds over the next couple of months too.

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