Save 25% on your Christmas shopping

Everyone likes a bargain, right? And with it being the time of year when you have lots of Christmas presents to buy, who would turn down the offer to save 25%? How can I get such savings I can hear you ask? Luckily All4God is here for you, and all week you can save 25% on all the copies you buy of Refelections or A Spiritual Kick up the Backside by All4God’s Pete McM – so now you have no excuses for not getting all your friends and family a copy for Christmas. Don’t forget you minister/pastor/guy that leads your Bible studies too!
To get this discount price, simply go here to order as many copies as you will need for presents (and add an extra copy or two for those unexpected presents you have to give out at the last minute…) and then enter the code CYBERWEEKUK to benefit from 25% off the price (NB if you are in the USA I’m afraid you can’t use the code, but fear not, there are still savings to be had for you – use the code RUSH to get free postage on your order instead)
Both books have an assortment of devotions to inspire you to put your faith into action, the people that have read them tend to like them (or at least tell me that they do…) and if you are a regular All4God reader you’ll know what to expect from my writing – lots of Bible, a good dose of application and some random humour too. Not convinced? This is what others have been saying about Pete:
“A religious nitpicker” Pastor Mark Driscoll
“A great blogger” Jon Acuff – Stuff Christians Like (The internet’s biggest Christian satire site, best-selling author)
“Like Mark Driscoll, but nicer” TheChurchSofa UK
“Incredibly good-looking, witty and stylish” No-one – yet….
Order by Nov 28th in the UK for the discount, or Nov 23rd in the USA – get on it! Every copy sold makes me smile 32% stronger than I was previously for at least 27.6 hours.

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