Most read posts in 2011

Hope you have been having a great Christmas. Over the next few days we are taking a break from posting new devotional articles and instead are looking back at some stuff you may have missed first time around. Today I’m sharing the most read posts on All4God over the past year, and later in the week I’ll share what I consider my favourite posts (feel free to suggest your favourites in the comments). So in reverse order, the 6 most read articles on All4God this year:
6. Take action – feed the hungry
5. Ambassadors of Christ
4. Spiritual Laziness Bible Study
3. Grace and mercy bible study
2. Christian chat-up lines
1. Exam results – don’t worry
Also just wanted to mention for any of you who got a Kindle for Christmas, if you search Peter McMurray in the Kindle store you’ll be able to get my books Reflections and a Spiritual Kick up the Backside, complete with free try before you buy samples. Or if you got an iPad/iPhone/iPod do the same in the iBookstore. Or if you got a Nook search in their bookstore. Thanks!

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