Fighter Verses App Review

Memorising Bible verses is something that gets recommended a lot, but if you are anything like me, isn’t done that much. So often I find myself using the argument that I always have reasonably easy access to a Bible – either a paper copy or on my phone or on the computer, so what is the need to memorise verses when I can just look them up. But when we fall into that trap we forget that just because we have access doesn’t mean we always look it up. Just because I can open up the Bible app on my phone doesn’t mean I do at the moments I need it most. A memorised verse however is there without you having to go looking for it, and God can use it to speak to you, either to give you encouragement, to give you guidance, to speak into a situation in your life, to remind you of His love or to convict us of sin.
All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right.” 2 Timothy 3:16 A smartphone app I have come across that helps with Bible verse memorisation is Fighter Verse (so named because the Bible is the sword of the Spirit) – it gives you one verse (or sometimes a couple of verses) to memorise each week, so it is pretty manageable, each verse is specifically picked out to be really worth memorising (so you’ll not be learning the genealogies off by heart), they are all based on core themes like depending on Christ, forgiveness, life in Christ, loving God, praise + worship and trusting God. There are 5 sets of 52 verses, so it covers 5 years of verse memorisation, plus there is an extended collection with 5 more sets for when you get through the core verses. And if that isn’t enough verse memorisation you can also manually add other verses.
As well as giving you the verse to learn you have the option of setting it as your wallpaper, taking fill in the blank quizzes to test if you have learnt it, links to a blog with reflections on that week’s verse, links to the PocketSword commentary on that verse, links to all the articles on DesiringGod that relate to the verse, the option to hear the verse being sung (because songs are easier to remember, although these aren’t the catchiest songs in the world – lyrically obviously they are the bible verses, but the tunes aren’t to my taste)
As you can get this on your iPhone/Android phone it will be with you any time you have your phone on you and have a few free minutes, and is much more spiritually worthwhile than playing Angry Birds or checking Facebook – I highly recommend this app if you want to get more serious about memorising God’s word, as not only does it have a structured pattern of verses to learn to ensure you cover a wide range of themes but it links in with good commentaries and teaching articles to give you a better understanding of the verses you are learning.
Android Link
iPhone/iPad/iTouch Link

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