He chose the nails Review

He chose the nails is a book by Max lucado all about the cross. It is all about how Jesus showed his love for us by coming to the cross to die in our place. There is a lot of focus on how much it meant, how great a sacrifice it was and how much God loves us that He considered it a price worth paying. Max has a very poetic writing style that helps emphasis the love that was shown to us on the cross. The book is split into fifteen short chapters that don’t take long to read(I got through the full book in a couple of reading sessions) and it is written in such a way that it will make sense to those who are new to faith but also speaks to those who are more mature and acts as a good remained of the Father’s heart of love. Max uses a lot of anecdotes that really help illustrate the love shown by Jesus and help you see such a familiar part of our faith in a new light. There is also a helpful extensive study guide section at the end to help you get more out of the book. I really recommend it, and in fact am passing my copy on to a friend now that I am done with it.
NB legal disclaimer Book sneeze from Thomas Nelson provided me with a free copy for review purposes. I was not required to write a positive review and all opinions are totally my own.

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