Back in September

Apologies for the lack of fresh content over the summer. But I just wanted to assure you that come September 1st things will be restored to regular service on All4God with Mondays and Thursdays seeing new devotional content, Tuesdays seeing reviews and recommendations, Wednesdays being all about taking time for worship and the weekend seeing random extra stuff unleashed upon you from time to time. So get set for what God has to say to you through the articles, start telling friends and family to look out for fresh content once again from this Saturday, and don’t forget that there is lots of stuff to check out from the past few years in our archive, so check out some of the older stuff while you wait. And if you could pray for God’s inspiration for the forthcoming articles that would be great. And to thank you for your patience over the summer, here is a teaser of what to expect in the next few weeks – references to Prince Harry, YOLO, standing on the edge of a several hundred foot drop, why men are jerks and why you shouldn’t listen to the DJs on Christian radio. Get ready!

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