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Review: Remedy Drive – Resuscitate

Resuscitate is the new album from Remedy Drive. It is full of great sounding light-rock songs that have encouraging messages about how God is for us in the midst of it all, saving our life with His love, offering hope when things don’t make sense, giving us meaning so that we are not lost causes. The song Resuscitate Me is a great reminder that it is never too late for us to turn to God to save us, while the track that is for me the highlight of the album God I hope so is a slower, softer song all about how here on earth we don’t have all the answers to tragedy, but through our faith in God we can have hope for beauty in it.

The songs on this album will appeal to fans of bands like Switchfoot, Coldplay, Muse and Jars of Clay. These are songs that have strong Christian themes to them, but have very few explicit references to God in them, which to me was a slight disappoint, however it does make them more appealing to non-Christian listeners – you could easily play this album in the car with non-Christian friends without them trying to change it, which in one level is good, but on another is a shame as non-Christian listeners could easily miss who the songs are about.
While the band have been around since 1998, this is the first full album they have released since 2008, and is actually the first time I have heard any of their music. On the basis of this album I’ll be looking into their back catalogue.
Legal disclaimer: I was provided with a free copy of the MP3 of the album in order to review it by the Centricity record label. That did not influence my opinions expressed in the review.