Steps to Spiritual Maturity

If you didn’t already hear, I launched a new book all about spiritual maturity this week. And to celebrate that over the next few weeks I am going to be doing a few more posts on spiritual maturity that cover things not included in This one time, at Bible camp as spiritual maturity is essentially what All4God is all about. So today I present for you the basic steps towards spiritual maturity (other than buying my book…).
—  It’s not going to happen overnight – it takes time and effort
—  Get involved with a church family – don’t be a lone rider, we need the support and encouragement of other believers
—  Get personal
◦      Bible reading – every day – get a reading plan (the YouVersion App has lots)
◦      Devotions – get a good devotional such as the Word for you today
◦      Journaling – write down what God has been saying to you through the Bible, what you have been praying about, lessons you have been learning through life experiences, ways you have seen God at work in your life – it helps to have them written down so you can look back on them and be encouraged
◦      Prayer – this is key. Without communication with God we can’t grow closer to Him
◦      Worship – don’t make this a Sunday-only event. Get some worship music on your phone/iPod/YouTube – listen to worship in the gym to get spiritually and physically tanked, let worship be the soundtrack to your life
◦      Podcasts – lots of churches podcast their sermons so you can get quality teaching during the week as you drive to work or walk to class
—  Stick at it – as the instructions on shampoo say, “rinse and repeat” – keep at it
—  Be accountable – have people who will check up on you and encourage you to keep seeking to grow closer to God
That’s it essentially. Follow those points and you will grow in your walk with God. You don’t need some complex magic formula. All it takes is those basic steps towards Him. He is waiting for you, desperate to run to you like the prodigal son’s father as soon as you start the journey towards Him. “Draw close to God and God will draw close to you”. James 4:8

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