Jason Gray – Christmas Stories Review

This album is one of the better Christmas albums around, as Jason doesn’t take the lazy route followed by so many of just singing some carols, but rather there is a mix of classic traditional songs and new material, plus the classics are reworked with new verses and arrangements so they are fresh.
The format of the album is that the various songs tell parts of the Christmas story through the voices of one of the characters – for example the inn-keeper, Joseph and Mary.
One of the stand out songs for me is Forgiveness is a Miracle which is all about Joseph and the act of faith it was for him to trust Mary that she hadn’t been unfaithful to him and that the child within her was indeed the Son of God, a theme that doesn’t get explored that often.
This album has the classic sound of Christmas with bells and all that, with a modern twist, and if you are a fan of Jason Gray you will know what to expect in terms of his light-rock musical style. If you need more Christmas music to add to your collection Christmas Stories would be a great addition as you are getting lots of original material rather than yet another version of songs you already have.

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