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David Lyon – Faithful Review

Faithful is the new album from Scottish worship artist David Lyon. David has a very traditional Celtic sound and writes modern sounding hymns. This is the perfect sort of album to put on for some reflective worship. The lyrics are deep and Biblically rooted. This a  simple, traditional album with none of the loops and beats that have cropped into a lot of recent worship albums, so is perfect for those who like their worship a little more conservative yet still like singing stuff written by people who are actually alive.
As well as David singer there are backing vocals provided by Yvonne Lyon and the male/female combination works well, giving it a bit of a “Getty” feel. In terms of style as while as their being similarities to Keith and Kirsten Getty Faithful should also appeal to fans of the likes of Stuart Townsend and Matt Redman.
Faithful starts out with a great prayerful song We fix our eyes on You which is all about welcoming and honouring God as the King of Glory, and is a strong reminder of our need to constantly fix our eyes on the Lord of Truth. Title track Faithful is all about how God’s love never lets go of us no matter what and how He is faithful to us even when we not.
My two favourite songs on the album are By your Spirit in which Yvonne takes lead vocals to remind us that it is by the Holy Spirit that God works in us to bring His kingdom, and Hallelujah which closes the album with the simple refrain of “Hallelujah the Lord almighty reigns” but you get a real sense of the passion and genuine worship it is being sung with.
While I tend to prefer my worship albums a bit more upbeat it is good to slow things down from time to time for something more reflective, and I know with Mother’s Day fast approaching for many of you this is the sort of album Mums will love if they are anything like my Mum.
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{Legal bit so that Imperial Stormtroopers don’t hunt me down – I was provided with a free copy of this album in order to do a review. I recieved no financial incentive to write a positive review}