ChristianMemes: Interview with Michael Schaffer

If you are on Facebook you may well have come across the popular ChristianMemes page, which aims to inject some Christian humour into people’s Newsfeeds each day. They recently reached over 100,000 fans (one year after the page was founded), and founder Michael Schaffer took the time to talk exclusively to us about their ministry:
1. For those who don’t know, what is ChristianMemes?
Christian Memes is a meme website based and centered around the Christian faith.
2. Who runs the page?
I run the page, along with the help of 8 of my awesome and creative friends.
3. Why did you launch Christian Memes?
As a way to break off of other meme sites that feature a large amount of profanity and vulgarity.
4. What is the aim of ChristianMemes?
To give other Christians daily entertainment in an effort to encourage them in our faith.
5. Where do the ideas come from?
We come up with a lot of them, but most of the memes we post are fan submissions.
6. What has been your favourite ChristianMeme?
If you follow our page, you know Oversaved Oscar, the “takes everything literally and to the extreme” Christian. We created him. So he would probably be my favorite.
7. How will looking at ChristianMemes change people’s lives forever?
They will find that God has a sense of humor and that the Bible can truly relate to today’s culture.
8. What doors/opportunities has your involvement with Christian Memes opened up?
I’ve gotten to team up with the Blimey Cow crew a little bit! We bounce back and forth off of each other’s posts and share a lot of the same fans and target audience.
9. What has been your favourite reaction to ChristianMemes?
We just hit 100,000 likes! That itself is absolutely amazing to all of us!
10.  Do people ever mistake your posts for something serious?
ALL THE TIME, but hey, if they get something serious out of it and it helps them grow spiritually, I have no complaints.
11. What does the future hold for you and ChristianMemes?
Merchandise. Some day.
12. When can we expect a ChristianMemes daily devotional to hit the shelves?
Haven’t thought of that one! It’d be awesome to come up with something though!
13. Finally, what does living all4God mean to you?
You need to learn to give up all selfish ambition. Living all4God involves truly striving after Him and spending time in prayer and meditation on His Word. Learning Who He is and who we are in Him.
If you are on Facebook, check out ChristianMemes by clicking here

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