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God in Slow Motion – book review

God in slow motion is a new book by Mike Nappa that takes 10 snapshot moments from Jesus’ life and ministry, explores them and detail and looks at what lessons we can learn from them. Mike’s central theme is that often we rush through the Bible and miss the great truths that are there for us to savour and enjoy. And it certainly is a refreshing approach to linger on familiar passages and seek to really feast on them rather than being content with a “fast food fix”.
This is a book that isn’t just about knowledge for the sake of knowledge, but about encountering Jesus, and being changed by that encounter. This is a book that emphasises grace, and wrestles with tough subjects, like keeping faith when the miracles don’t happen, when the healing doesn’t come. Mike uses examples from his own life along with anecdotes and stories he has come across to illustrate his points and make them more memorable. This comes across as a very humbly written book, written by an author who isn’t afraid to mention his own weaknesses, failings and doubts and yet point to the One who remains faithful throughout.
Each of the ten encounters covers a moment of Jesus’ life that you will probably be familiar with, but Mike’s personal honesty, fine focus and his firm belief in the grace of God lets him bring out fresh life application, and makes this a very powerful book, that is worth reading, and sharing with friends.