Not out to get lucky

Today, Pete shares a reflective poem that is in part a response to the Daft Punk song “Get Lucky” and in part a statement of intent for how as Christians our approach to sex, dating and relationships should be different to the world around us.
Not out to get lucky
I’m not out to get lucky
I’m out for God’s best
I’m not out to get some
I’m out to follow His plans
I’m out to respect my sisters in Christ
I’m not here to play games
I’m not out for the thrill of the chase
I want to act with purity
I want to love with respect
I won’t raise my cup to the stars
But shall bow my knee to the Lord.
I’ve nothing against good fun
I’m up for a laugh
But Jesus is my centre, and God’s standards are clear.
I hope you know you have value
I hope you know you deserve respect
You are not a conquest to be had
You can be so much more than a bedpost notch.
I chose purity over lust
I chose to wait for what God has in store later
Rather than instant cheap gratification now.
I’m not out to get lucky
I will act with intent
I’m not after something casual, a few hours of no-strings
I have marriage in mind, for that is His design.
I will treat God’s gift with the honour its due
I won’t unwrap it before the right time
I will wait til we’ve said those two words “I do”
While all around me people give themselves away too easily
I will walk with integrity
Striving to follow Christ’s ways
And though that means waiting I’m know it’ll be worth it
People may mock now, but one day they’ll see
I’ll end up “luckier” than they could ever dream
I invite you to join me
In not setting out to “get some”
But seeking God’s will, done His way,
His plan to prosper not harm us
I’m not out to get lucky
I’m not out to get some
I’m out to seek first God’s kingdom,
Looking for love that will last over lust that will thrill.
Amen? Any thoughts or comments?

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