Scott Stapp – Proof of life review

Proof of Life is the new solo album from Scott Stapp (lead singer of the band Creed). Since going solo as well as continuing as lead singer of Creed he has shared some of the struggles he has been through with addiction, re-finding faith and launching a solo career. Scott is an alternative rock/grunge singer, and while these songs have a Christian vibe this isn’t a contemporary worship album. This is an album full of lots of guitar, emotion and epic choruses. Scott doesn’t hide from his struggles but points to Jesus as the reason for hope. The songs on this album, particularly my favourite (What would love do) really speak to the listener of the hope that calls us out of the dark and into the light, and it is clear that Scott has been there, experienced the dark and been rescued. He has the credentials and life experience to sing these songs and not be condescending or patronising when he speaks of the hope we can have.
Another stand out song is the final song “Dying to live” where Scott sings about not hiding his scars, not seeking to die because of what he has done but dying to live because of who is becoming – it is a song of hope for all who are struggling with life not going the way they had imagined, for people who have slipped up in the past.
This is an album that you could share with non-Christian friends that they will listen to – there is a clear Christian slant to it and Jesus does get mentioned so they will know who he is singing about, but it isn’t a worship album so they shouldn’t dismiss it without listening. Musically this is a high quality album that you can listen to on repeat without getting bored of it or finding it repetitive.
One last song that deserves a mention is “Jesus was a RockStar” which is more of a worship song than the rest of this album, in which Scott mentions the various miracles Jesus performed and declares that makes him worthy of the sort of fame we reserve for rock stars today – a rocking tune and a though- provoking message to our celebrity obsessed, faith minimalizing society.
If you were a fan of Creed this is an essential album to check out, or if you like your music with a bit more edge to it than the standard contemporary Christian music give Proof of Life a listen.      51zFt1WW-hL._AA160_

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