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Rapture Ruckus Review

“I Believe” is the 2nd full-length album for Rapture Ruckus. Featuring stadium filler tracks such as Lose Control and Rockin’ as well as honest, emotive songs such as the title song I Believe and Rhymes for Times. Brad Dring AKA Rapture (frontman and MC mastermind) was originally a rock drummer before realizing talent in the hip-hop scene. This gives his music a “rocky” edge to him in the form of stadium guitar riffs and “phat” drum lines that separate him from other hip hop artists.

The album “I believe” was produced by Brain Gardner (Eminem, Dr Dre, Janet Jackson, 2Pac, Blink 182, etc) so has a very noticeable “big-bass” sound to it.

My rating: I’m not a typical fan of hip-hop, being a rock fan through and through. However RR has totally blown me away and I’ve loved every minute of this album. The lyrics are scarily honest and really reach into your heart and get you amped about social injustice, believe without doubt that God is with you, and that there’s support for you everywhere. 5 stars are in order here 🙂

Their new single “No matter what” is downloadable from

And the “I Believe” track can be viewed on my bebo page:

RR is a Wellington, NZ band so I doubt most of you would be able to get a hold of the physical album easily but definitely check out I tunes, should be on there in your region hopefully. I’d recommend the tracks:

3. Rockin’

4. Rhymes for times

6. I Believe

7. Move

By David Starkey