Normal Service will be resumed shortly

So for the past few weeks it has been a bit quiet here on All4God. There have been reasons for that (mainly that I have been busy enjoying life to the fullest working at a Christian camp in New York and so haven’t had time to type up stuff for All4God). But I am home now, full of experience, lessons and wisdom to share. And as soon as I get over the┬ájet-lag┬áthat’s exactly what I shall be doing. While I haven’t been writing stuff for All4God much for the past couple of months I have still been writing, I’ve just been doing it on a more personal, private basis for individuals and am now switching back to writing stuff to share with whoever happens upon it here, and hopefully God will use it to speak to you. So why not pray for me that the things I write would be inspired by God and not be my own random ramblings. And get ready for ‘normal All4God service’ (whatever that is…) to be resumed shortly!

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