Thubderbolts and lightning

Thunderbolts and lightning
Sometimes people have doubts as to if God actually answers pray. And so I wanted to share a quick example of an answered prayer that I experience recently that I thought was pretty cool.
At the moment I am working in the Usa as a counsellor at a Christian youth camp. And over here they have some pretty sweet storms with lightning that lights up the whole sky and powerful loud thunder. I’m the kind of guy would loves to sit and watch storms. And the other night a huge storm hit camp just a the kids were going to bed. As I was getting them settled I couldnsee all these amazing looking flashes through the window, and just wanted to get out there to watch it. But by the time they were inally settled it was dying down.
Despite that I still went to sit outside and pray, and as I prayed I asked that God would let there be just one more big flash while I was out there (amongt other, more important things that I was also praying for). And eight after I said amen there it came. One solitary legend flash that lit up the sky, a reminder from God that he hears each and every prayer and that He will always answer us in somebway when we talk to him. So today if it seems you aren’t getting any answer to your prayers don’t lose heart. God is faithful and one day you will get your solitary lightning flash (whatever that may mean for you in yourvwalk with God.)

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