This is bigger than me

The other day I posted an image on the All4God Facebook page. It was my attempt at making a “Hey Christian Boy” style post, combining a couple of things I like – Christian chat-up lines and Taylor Swift. The picture was of Taylor Swift with a caption added to it “Hey guy, you put the stud into Bible study”. It is the sort of thing I find funny, and earlier in the day I had used it and a bunch of other images I had stolen from ChristianMemes to amuse my youth fellowship as they arrived for the Sunday night meeting. Encouraged by the laughs it gave them, I thought I’d share it on All4God.
The next morning when I checked Facebook one of my friends had liked it. But someone else who I didn’t know had left a comment “DISLIKE – not really what we want to be endorsing”. I don’t know what it was they disapproved of – Taylor Swift, the Christian pick-up line, the sudden appearance of humour on the All4God Facebook or a combination of the three. But what struck me was the way they had used “we”. They could have said “not what I want to be endorsing”, but they chose to go with “we”, implying they felt a part of All4God.
It got me thinking. For so long I have seen All4God as something I do. I write posts. I schedule Facebook statuses. I put Bible verses up on the Twitter page. But this is bigger than me. God is using it to do more than I could have ever begun to dream or imagine when I first started out (Ephesians 3:21). I am just a fairly introverted student posting stuff from my bedroom. I have no advertising budget. I have no seminary training. This was only ever started as an email devotional for a few friends from a bible study. But God is in the mix, and this is bigger than me. It isn’t just about me. It is about us, as we all try to live all for God.
Through God at work, All4God has been able to impact all sorts of people that I have never met, in countries that I have never been to, from cities I have never heard of. All4God has spread beyond my networks. This is bigger than me. In the past week or so alone almost 1000 people have followed All4God on Twitter. That just blows my mind, and it humbles me to think that God is using All4God to impact so many people. God has provided a platform that is way bigger than anything I could have ever dared to ask or hope for. And with a platform comes responsibility.
I haven’t always got it right. As I mentioned at the start of this article, sometimes when I post what I think is acceptable humour others feel it inappropriate. Often I neglect All4God. I chose TV other article writing. But then I get reminded that this is something that is bigger than me. Something that is more worthy than me chilling out in front of the TV. Something that at this time God has given me care of, but which ultimately is His to use as he wishes. So I come to you looking for your input. How can I get you more included in All4God? This is bigger than me. All4God is for us all. Moving forward, how can we better serve each other? How can we “encourage each other and build each other up(1 Thess 5:11)”? Over to you to share your thoughts:

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