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When I post stuff up on All4God it is my hope and prayer that God uses it to speak to you, to help you grow, to bring you closer to him, to teach you something new. And it is always great to hear back from people when that happens.
But something I am very aware of is that you can’t spend all your time checking to see if I have happened to post something fresh up for you to (hopefully) be inspired by. So I wanted to share a few ways you can make sure you never miss out on the latest devotions and words of wisdom.
First off, you can sign up to get each and every devotion posted on All4God emailed to you shortly after it gets posted. If you want to do that all you need to do is sign up here, wait for a confirmation email to prove you signed up yourself and then when you check your emails from time to time there’ll be a fresh all4God devotion in your inbox. We won’t send you spam. We won’t sell your address to anyone. All that’ll happen is you get each and every devotion emailed to you. Sign up now!
If you are into RSS readers such as Google Reader, or you have an RSS reading app on your phone or iPod etc you can subscribe to our RSS feed and get all our article like that.
If you are on Facebook you can join the almost 700 other people who like All4God, and as well as getting the latest articles, you will also get the odd quote from the Bible, wise words from famous Christians and links to articles and videos on other sites we think are worth sharing that’ll pop up in your Facebook newsfeed. You can also subscribe to our Facebook page by SMS to get the quotes texted to your phone for inspiration and encouragement when you are out and about.
Finally, if you are a tweeter, we are also on twitter, sharing the same mix of quotes and wise words that we put on Facebook, along with links to each new article on All4God as they go up, and if that’s not enough, you can follow All4God writer Pete McM’s personal account to see what I get up to while I’m not writing devotions for you.
So hopefully that’ll be helpful for you in making sure you don’t miss a thing when it comes to all the God-inspired, Bible based content we have lined up for you over the next few weeks and months, and hopefully as you read and engage with it you will see growth in your walk with God, you will start maturing in your faith, you will start moving towards a deeper area where your feet can’t touch the ground and you will start using the talents God has given you to serve him and not waste them.

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